My experience with Laura was one of spirituality, wellness, and fulfillment.  As my Reiki master she showed me how to use my energy and draw from the energy around me to help others in the same way.    Jeannie P. 

Type your paragraph here. and your Reiki, and psychic reading that came with it has been, and continues to be, life altering....I have so much appreciation for you, and love for who you are....Heidi V. 


I cannot thank you enough for all of the help and guidance you have shown me.... I am most thankful for "Laura's lodge of light and healing."  The force is strong, the medicine is powerful.  Thank You.                               John C.

Shortly after my bout with lung cancer
and chemo and radiation treatment, 
Laura came to my house
every day for two months
to administer Reiki on me.
This was the summer of 1995.....  
To this day I feel Laura's energy
has been with me helping me stay
strong.    Mary G.

​(Late in the year 2010, I received an email from Mary's husband, which read in part:
"Mary fought a brave battle for 15 years with lung cancer which she had kept at bay until only 6 months ago when it became active again. Her oncologist called her his poster girl because she did so well.... She passed away rather peacefully in the evening of October 28th......"  Mary lives on in Reiki.........................

Through my own personal experiences, receiving Reiki from Laura has greatly improved my situation. I was diagnosed in September (2013) with "Stage 3" cancer. As soon as I started getting Reiki I began to feel better & from the first session my tumors began to shrink. By the end of my third treatment with weekly sessions I could no longer find 1 of them. It has helped to boost my immune system when I was reaching critical points & helped other major organs to rid themselves of the toxic chemicals pumped into my body. I highly recommend Reiki for everyone. I always leave feeling better than when I ar rived.  Lisa T.

(Lisa crossed January 2017.  She was an amazing person, with a tremendous family!  She lives on in light and love.)

...She is lovingly and spiritually genuine... As a student of Laura's, she has opened my eyes to new ways of seeing the world and the people in it.- Mark R

To this day, I am still stunned by what I experienced during my reading with you and I still tell people about it.    Erin C.

I am so TICKLED that I took the time to be a part of the inaugural spirit circle last night. Although I went in with no expectations, my experience far exceeded anything I was imagining would happen.....I felt a part of history in the making.
Thanks, Laura. I had a blast!   Karyn F.