At Wisdom River Lodge we seek to promote safe and supported extraordinary opportunities for students to embrace change and come to understandings of truths that vibrate within them.

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Laura E. Silver, BSN, RN, CDP worked for many years as a Registered Nurse. As a nurse she had the unique perspective of seeing how physical and mental illness played a role in a person's overall well being and how the spiritual root causes of their "dis-ease" impacted their ability to heal themselves. Laura also began to understand that healing could be facilitated through touch, listening, and positive thought. She took her first Reiki class in 1988 and over the next ten years focused on the practice of Reiki, successfully completing Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master and Advanced Reiki Master Healer/Teacher certifications.

In 1998, Laura established Wisdom River Lodge, a forum that promotes safe and supported extraordinary opportunities for people to embrace change and come to understandings of the truths that vibrate within them. To accomplish this, Laura draws on all the teachings of her life, including traditional Western medicine, Native American shamanism, Huna, theology, and many other belief systems. She has combined her knowledge into an insightful and mindful healing practice, known as Sacred Fire Reiki, which allows clients to transform their dis-eases from frightening and out of control situations to moments of transformation, bringing enlightenment and "ease."

From a very early age, it was known that Laura is psychic. She has hosted Spirit Circles in the renowned Houghton Mansion (Charlemont, MA) and a "stand up" reading psychic show in the former Charlemont Inn (Charlemont, MA). She had her own "psychic subjects" television show on the Northern Berkshire Community Television channel (available on Wisdom River Lodge's YouTube channel). Laura uses her ability to observe the personal underlying spiritual issues of dis-ease as well as what is needed holistically for healing.

Laura remains current in the nursing and healing fields and works as a health consultant, providing health education for those wishing to heal from various chronic illnesses. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and provides dementia education and behavior management consultation in this role. She practices self-Reiki and meditation daily. Her clients and students remark about the deep level of comfort, ease, and transformation they feel when Laura is working with them.

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