The name Wisdom River Lodge was inspired by the song, "The Blessing," on the Mystic Soul album of Wheeler and Carol.  The lyrics in part are 
"...May your tears stream into rivers full of wisdom you have earned...."



WISDOM RIVER LODGE was established in 1998 as a forum to provide powerful transformational teachings synthesized from a vast array of teachers as well as traditional, scientific, and cultural knowledge.  

We strive to honor the fundamental belief that shines in all beliefs--
"We are one."



In the old ways, we knew who we were.
We knew we were powerful.
We knew how to heal ourselves.
We learned, sitting by the fire
In the lodges of our Elders.
We learned in ways that were safe,
That valued our natural skills,
That honored us.
Come. Sit again by the fire.
Hear the stories.
Nourish your soul.
Remember who you are!